Join Us On Top of the World …

photography.3.sBarry’s Photography
Come along on our travels by peering
through the substantial gallery of
Barry’s Photographs, just as the
toddlers are doing.

blogs.2.sBarry’s Blogs,
which have appeared on several public
sites, continue to garner comments
years later. Most notable are the 39
articles about our trip through British
Columbia, the Yukon Territory and
Alaska, but there are dozens more
covering a variety of topics.

musings.2.sMusings & Observations
The Musings & Observations section
is a journey without a specific
destination — in other words, a
catch-all for Barry’s writings —
past and future, which he considers
his contributions to the world of
literature and other worlds less

More-to-Come.2.sMore to Come Down the Road
means “On Top of the World” is still
evolving. Other topics within this
website are in the “under construction”
stage (or, at least, being planned).