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In the Stream - 1103

Barry Zander, a native of New Orleans, spent a decade as a newspaper editor and journalist, then worked with a forestry association to educate members of Congress on the importance of private landownership and the views of the forest products industry. He spent many years in public relations and marketing before semi-retiring to a life on the road traveling across North America with Monique towing a 28-foot travel trailer. Articles about their travels and other topics continue to be published in magazines and blogs.

Barry served 21 years in the Air National Guard and holds the rank of Air Force Major (ret.). Among his distinctions are being charter president of the Metairie, La., Sunrise Rotary Club, playing French horn (briefly) with the New Orleans Symphony, and pulling 5 Gs in an Air Force F-4 fighter.

In addition to his writing, the photography that he uses to help tell stories of their North American adventures has won acclaim from readers.

Monique Zander, born in LaRochelle, France, has owned an art gallery, earned renown as an interior designer and been a speaker at meetings of some of America’s most influential companies. On the road, she has led classes in imagery, relaxation and meditation. She continues her practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to give wise guidance to people at various levels of uncertainty or distress.

Monique and Barry met at a Cajun-Zydeco music festival in Long Beach, California, in 1998, went to Joshua Tree National Park in the high desert on their first date, and share a love for all the nature, educational opportunities and small-town experiences that surround them. In 2011, they bought a mountain cabin to serve as a base and for future years when their traveling ends. They have seven children from previous marriages.