The problem with lengthy blogs about our travels and life in general is that most folks don’t have the time or inclination to read them. Why put our friends “on the spot” by asking if they had read them? Blogs could serve the purpose of reminding us of our travels, but we get that same benefit by looking at our photos.

Brevity – the Soul of Wit and higher readership – was what inspired Monique to invent the “ePostcard,” which is our way of letting acquaintances know what we are doing without demanding much time from their busy lives.

Together we fashioned our “ePostcards” which are sent out on a very infrequent basis, and following is our gallery of updates, which began in May 2010:

Northern Flicker Postcard - 5813New Orleans e-PostcardAlong the Pacific ePostcardSmilin' Gator 1746